Glittery Mauve Cut Crease Tutorial

In this week’s video, Pink Lady, Valene shows how to create this purple cut crease look. Leave us a comment down below with your thoughts on this look and what videos you would like to see from us in the future!


E Y E S ⋆
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Sand n Surf
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Just Peachy
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Deep Plum
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Smokey Plum
Phoenix Concealer : Light Beige
Phoenix Pigment : Beige Breeze
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Chocolate Brown
Phoenix Creme Liner : Onyx
Phoenix Lashes : Veronica
Phoenix Mascara : Black

F A C E ⋆
Phoenix Baked Bronzer : Matte Bronze
Phoenix Blush : Adobe

L I P S ⋆
Phoenix Liquid Lipstick : Sweet Escape


PINK LADY ARLAINA: Celebrating 5 Years

We are celebrating a wonderful artist in today’s blog. A brilliant, witty and gorgeous woman who started with the company 5 years ago.

5 years is a milestone and achievement, not only for Arlaina but for us. I am so proud to say that Arlaina runs our Hamilton store and works for me.  I consider myself a very lucky woman in business to have Arlaina representing my brand. She started off a bright-eyed shy girl who had such wonderment and a unique eagerness to learn and absorb. Whilst often shy, Arlaina never let her nerves get the better of her – she always was up for anything and grasped opportunities. Over the years I have watched Arlaina blossom and grow into such a smart and happy woman. There is never a negative outlook, she has a can-do attitude and that really shows in her demeanour and store environment. She brings life and laughter to her store and clients. She puts clients joy first, loves her makeup passion and has become a highly talented and skilled artist.

“Arlaina, you are such a Star, I am so glad to know you and work with you. Thank you for 5 wonderful years. Thank you for all your hard work, for giving 100% every day, for your longevity and loyalty and for loving our Phoenix brand. Here is a toast to you and to your next 5 incredible years, you will forever be a part of the Pink Lady family” – From Phoenix.

Your 5th year anniversary with Phoenix Cosmetics is coming up! What are the ultimate highlights of your Phoenix journey so far?Working at NZFW would be a huge highlight of my journey so far. So much is going on and you’re just a small part of a massive team all working together. I loved meeting and working alongside girls that have come from all over the country to be a part of it. Another is managing the Hamilton store. The clients I have are so special to me and have been with me since I was 19 and still learning as an artist. I have grown with them and their children and to be able to come to work and see such beautiful beings is a blessing.

img_1235Tell us about your early days at Phoenix, how have you evolved as an artist over the past half-decade?

My early days at Phoenix Cosmetics were interesting. I started off quite shy and was very nervous about makeup. I had studied Special Effects and Sculpting and although we still learnt makeup, I never wore it myself. So to start here and wear it every day was scary. I had to get one of the senior girls to write a list of what colours would suit me and I remember her writing down almost every colour and telling me if you feel good in the colour, wear it. Fast forward 2 years, I had gained so much confidence in myself, which reflected in how I was able to communicate with clients and know that I was good enough. Fast forward another 2 years and today I am confident in my application of makeup/ lash extensions and tweezing brows. I can talk in front of a crowd of people and feel at ease (which if you had asked 19 years old me, I would have laughed at the idea of public speaking). The past 5 years I have not only grown as an artist but also as a young woman.

When did you decide Phoenix Cosmetics was the place for you?

I don’t think I decided as such, I enjoy what I do here. I get to make people feel great and something as little as talking to someone and realizing they are having a tough time… doing their makeup or applying some eyelash extensions is small for me, but to them, it makes their day and for them to smile and leave happy, makes me happy. And I have the chance to do that here. The bonus is, this is a New Zealand owned business and we don’t test on animals which makes me proud.

What advice would you give to a makeup artist that is just starting out?

Practice, practice, practice. Friends and family love being made up and it’s good to do a range of ages and ethnicities and never give up. The world is yours for the taking.


Seeing as it’s your 5th Phoenix Anniversary, tell us your top 5…

Phoenix Products?

  1. Buffer Brush + Eyebrow Brush (they are on the same level as my dog and my boyfriend).
  2. Custom Blend Foundation – Having mixed ethnicities, I have never found a colour before that matches and the fact I can adjust it depending on my light winter tone or my tanned summer goddess tone, makes this the best foundation in my opinion!
  3. Passion Lip Liner– Looks beautiful on everyone, my go-to for lip wear, lasts all night!
  4. Pixie Blush 803– Same as the passion lip liner, looks stunning on everyone and is my go-to blush if I ever feel flat.
  5. Nu-bronze and Ice Malted Eyeshadow- I can’t pick just one. They are so beautiful on their own but together they are my absolute fave combo.

Favourite Beauty Trends?

  1. Dark Lip- Love a strong dark plum lip! My favourite is our lipstick Boysenberry, it brings out the green in my eyes!
  2. Glitter- I enjoy a bit of glitter in moderation of course! I love adding a bit just under my brow or on my cheekbones. My go to is our eye shimmer Beige Breeze, it’s beautiful because it has a slight shimmer with little flakes of glitter.
  3. Bronze- this was last year’s colour, but there is something about bronze eyeshadow that always draws me in. I love applying it to my clients as it really warms up their skin and gives a very pretty glow. As I mentioned above my all time favourite is Nu-Bronze.
  4. Flushed Cheeks- I really enjoy having some colour to the face. I think having a flush of colour on the cheeks instantly change the face and when done correctly can appear youthful and adds life to the face.
  5. Easy Smokey Eye- Personally I’m not the biggest fan of a heavy smokey eye. I think it can look great on others, but for me, I feel heavy wearing a full on eye look. I prefer the softer smokey eye, that can be created using coal or chocolate liners and blended out. It’s an easy way to create the smokey look without being over dramatic.


Purple Pixie Glam Makeup Tutorial

In this week’s video, Phoenix shows how to create this purple, pixie glam look!



E Y E S ⋆
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Sand n Surf
Phoenix Pigment : Moondust
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Royal Purple
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Freestone
Phoenix Glitter : Silver Streak
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Ocean Blue
Phoenix Creme Liner : Royal Navy
Phoenix Lashes : Rita
Phoenix Mascara : Black

F A C E ⋆
Phoenix Baked Bronzer : Matte Bronze
Phoenix Pixie Shimmer : 802
Phoenix Pixie Shimmer : 801

L I P S ⋆
Phoenix Lipliner : Pink Lady
Phoenix Matte Lipstick : Pink-A-Doodle
Phoenix Plumping Gloss : Fairy Dust