This 76 Year Old Has Better Beauty Hacks Than You Do

Ageing isn’t something one typically looks forward to, as it’s often associated with wrinkles, sagging, and “letting go.” However, at 76 years old, interior designer Valerie Von Sobel is the personification of elegance and wisdom.

She is not only stunning, smart, and filled with stories from Old Hollywood (she used to date Elvis), but she also has more beauty tricks than anyone you know, and she learned them from the likes of Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe (our faves!). In the video below, she shares not only her makeup application tips but her philosophy on confidence and personal style. We think we could all learn a thing or two from this wise lady! Enjoy!

Video: Pop Sugar

Wearable WonderWoman Makeup Tutorial

In this week’s video, I show you how to create this Wearable Wonder Woman Makeup look!



E Y E S ⋆
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Cedar
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Coffee
Australis Metallix
Phoenix Pigment : Butterscotch
Phoenix Highlighter : Shade 02
Phoenix Highlighter : Shade 01
Phoenix Waterline Liner : Nude
Phoenix Mascara : Black
Phoenix False Lashes : Mae West
Phoenix Creme Liner : Onyx

F A C E ⋆
Phoenix Bronzer : Southbeach
Phoenix Baked Blush : Zinnia
Phoenix Highlighter : Shade 02
Phoenix Highlighter : Shade 01

L I P S ⋆
Phoenix Lipliner : Coral Kiss
Phoenix Lipliner : Retro Red