Germany’s Beauty Secrets Revealed by Pink Lady Tash

For this week’s blog post, we sat down with Pink Lady Tash from our Grey Lynn store to have a chat! She has lived in Germany for a really long period of time and we wanted to know all of the German beauty secrets… so we grilled her to find out!

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Pink Lady, Tash on the left. With Pink Lady, Valene, in our Grey Lynn store.

1.) How long did you live in Germany and what made you move to Auckland NZ?
I’ve lived in Germany on three different occasions and spent about 9.5 years there altogether. I moved back to Germany when I was 18 to further my independence and see what it was like living there as an “adult”; 3 years in I felt very homesick and it was a lot more challenging than I had originally thought it would be, I then made the decision to move back to New Zealand where my parents live. I made the call to move down to the big smoke because there are not a lot of opportunities in Kerikeri when you’re a makeup artist and I am more of a city person than a small town gal.

2.) Did you notice any big differences between the way Germans approach beauty and makeup, vs the way Kiwis do? 
I think German beauty is definitely not as highly regarded as it is here in New Zealand because Germans are quite conventional people with their day to day lives, so the less effort you have to put into your daily routine the better. Kiwis also take a lot more notice of makeup brands that they are purchasing than German women do.

3. Based on your experience and observation, what does “beauty” mean to German women?
The meaning of beauty to German women is more of a personality thing that it is a physical thing, I’m pretty sure if I asked all my friends their answers would all be “beauty is in the character of a person”, being beautiful means being a strong independent woman.

4. What is the most commonly-seen makeup look in Germany?
I have to admit Germans in my opinion don’t have a crazy amount of makeup knowledge. They are somewhat stuck in the 90’s, a classic coal liner on the waterline,  a little bit of mascara and a darkish lip colour on the lips – that’s probably one of the more common looks you’ll find on the German streets.

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5. What would you say is Germany’s best-kept beauty secret?
Germans are amazing at skincare! Everyone has a full on routine and they love it. Germans LOVE moisturising. That was something my grandma always told me: “moisturise morning and night to keep your skin hydrated healthy and youthful looking”.

6. Were there any crazy makeup trends happening while you lived there?
A dark red lip was definitely a must have around mid to end of 2015. The only crazy trend in general that I can recall passing through Germany like wildfire was Neon everything! Clothing, hair highlight, shoes anything neon was goals!

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7. What do you think German women could teach Kiwi women about beauty? And vice versa?
I think because of the different temperatures, it’s quite hard to elaborate on each countries’ beauty routines. I guess if I had to choose one thing for each country it would be; German woman should just, in general, find a somewhat up to date makeup look and keep it dewy and fresh like a lot of New Zealand women. New Zealand women could take onboard that after the makeup comes off to have a solid routine for your skin to ensure that the heat doesn’t cause premature aging.

8. What is your best beauty advice that all women could use?
The best beauty advice I could give would be: treat yourself once fortnightly to an at-home facial and a hair mask. Get your nails done, have a healthy day, go for walks, drink lots of water, eat healthy, enjoy the beautiful scenery and go makeup free for at least one day a week. You will look fresh, feel rejuvenated and your skin will thank you for it – basically if your skin looks amazing without makeup, imagine how great it will look with makeup on.

MEET PINK LADY OLIVIA: Our New Pukekohe Manager!

Meet Olivia! Pink Lady Olivia has taken over management of our gorgeous Pukekohe store. She is a local Puke girl who has beauty experience and knowledge and is super passionate about Beauty!  Olivia’s experience with Eyebrows, Makeup and Lashes is the perfect partnership with our store and wonderful clients. We are 100% confident that you will love her as much as we do!



Q: Hi Olivia! Tell us a little bit about yourself! When did you discover your passion for make-up?
With my mother being in the hairdressing industry, I’ve always been around the beauty industry and although I worked hairdressing for a while I had a strong desire to also do makeup too.

Q: How long have you worked in the beauty industry? 
Since leaving school so approx 4 years.
Q: What was it that made you so keen to work for Phoenix Cosmetics?
I like the fact that it Phoenix is local and I have always been loyal to Phoenix for my brow shape and lash extensions,  I got to know the staff really well. With Pukekohe being in my local township it’s great seeing familiar faces
Q: What are you looking forward to most, being the new manager of our Pukekohe store?
I am keen to encourage those around me with all the new trends and techniques and hopefully, create a fun work environment.
Q: What are your biggest goals and plans for the Pukekohe store? 
I would like to put my own stamp on the Pukekohe store, with adding a few personal touches, I would like to see it refreshed with some more modern details so it appeals to a younger generation – maybe bringing some rose gold details and be proactive in keeping clients on trend.
Q: Which product are you loving this season?
I’m loving the neutral lip so my go-to lippy is Goddess. Also, Pixie Blush which can also be used as a highlighter/blush.
Q: Do you have any words of advice for the young, aspiring makeup artists out there?
Get the best possible training you can get, this is key in starting out as it gives you confidence and clients always pick up on this.

How Makeup Helped Me Through The Christchurch Earthquakes

For this week’s blog, we have something a little different for you! Once a month we are interviewing some of our fabulous Pink Lady, makeup artists. Our Christchurch store manager, Jack has been through some rough times, experiencing natural disasters and we wanted to sit down and chat with him about how he managed to get through those tough moments.


Hi Jack! How long have you lived in Christchurch and been managing our beautiful store there?

I have lived in Christchurch for 8 years, and have been managing the Phoenix Counter since June 2015.

Have you experienced many earthquakes whilst living in Christchurch?
I have felt all the major big ones and most of the aftershocks, apart from a year when I moved to Auckland during the beginning of the rebuild.

How did the bigger and more severe earthquakes affect you?
The first big one in September didn’t really affect me much because it was at 4.30am in the morning but was terrifying waking up to it. The February one affected me the most, I was in the city centre the day it happened and I saw things a 17-year-old should never have to see. I suffered really bad depression for a few years.

How did makeup help you to deal with those situations?
Makeup gave me something to focus on that wasn’t earthquakes and I like making my clients happy and feel special because life is short.


Did you find that your clients and customers were also helped by makeup?
After the big Kaikoura earthquake, I had a few clients come in for some eyelash extensions and some products because they had a bad week and wanted to feel special and treat themselves.

Prior to that did you realise that makeup could actually be therapeutic?
I was a hairdresser before becoming a makeup artist and I used to think that getting a head massage was the best thing ever… but I was wrong. Having someone do your eyebrows is so much better!


What advice would you give to others that have experienced similar natural disasters or trauma?
All I can say is talk to someone if you ever feel like you need to, don’t bottle it up because that won’t make things get better any quicker. Find something that interests you and takes your mind off the disaster and focus on just becoming the better you.


UPDATE: Since writing this article The Port Hill fires took place. We are sending love to all of our customers and their families in Christchurch that have been affected. We are so saddened to hear of what is happening and hoping everyone is doing okay. Kia kaha! x

Jacks view from work in our Christchurch store.
Jack’s view from work in our Christchurch store.