How-to: 5 Ways to Wear White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is making a decidedly non-80’s comeback. Didn’t you hear it’s the new black? No matter how you choose to apply it, it’s a fresh, eye-brightening look that instantly makes you look more awake. And couldn’t we all use the visual likeness of a shot of espresso every once in a while? Are you nodding your head but don’t know where to start? The Pink Ladies have compiled their top 5 favourite white eyeliner techniques for you (note: they actually work!)…

  1. On your waterline
    When applied on the inner rim, white liner causes your eyes to appear bigger by extending the white colour of them. This technique works on everyone but can be especially effective on an oriental eye type to help widen the eyes. Opt for a super-creamy pencil to avoid irritating that sensitive part of the eye.
  2. Blended into the inner corner
    Try tracing the inner “V” corner of your eyes, then use a small liner brush to blend a shimmery cream shadow over top. Instant eyes that POP! Yet still understated enough for an everyday option.
  3. On the lid
    Use a white liner all over your entire eyelid. Blend it out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and then apply your eyeshadow as usual. The white base will really cause your shadows to stand out, be more vibrant and also last longer – win, win, win!
  4. Dusted Lower Liner
    Smudge a tiny bit of white eyeliner underneath the waterline and blend out, for a muted, yet effectively brightening look.
  5. Shaping Eyebrows and Highlighting Brow Bones
    White eyeliners can also be used in shaping your eyebrows i.e. applied around the outside of your eyebrows to help create more definition for the shape you want. In addition, you can use it for highlighting your brow bone. Apply it just below your brow and then slightly smudge it along this bone.


– The Pink Ladies xx

Burgundy Glitter Spotlight Eye Makeup Tutorial

In this week’s video, Phoenix shows you how to create this Burgundy Glitter Spotlight Eye Makeup look!



B R O W S ⋆
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Tender Taupe

E Y E S ⋆
Phoenix Stick Foundation
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Pumpkin
Colourpop Creme Eyeshadow
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Plum Velvet
Phoenix Eyeshadow : Sunspark
Phoenix Highlighter : Shade 02
Phoenix Powderliner : Coal
Australis Metallix
Phoenix Glitter
Phoenix Mascara : Black
Phoenix False Lashes : Monroe

F A C E ⋆
Phoenix Primer
Phoenix Custom Blend Foundation
Phoenix Stick Foundation
Phoenix Translucent Powder
Phoenix Baked Blush : Zinnia
Phoenix Highlighter : Shade 01
Phoenix Highlighter : Shade 02

Phoenix Matte Liquid Lipstick : Bachelorette
Phoenix Matte Liquid Lipstick : Sweet Escape


Are You Applying Your Eyeliner Wrong???


Here are 5 eyeliner faux pas to avoid!

1.Overdoing it on the bottom waterline.

Heavily lining your lower waterline—especially with a very dark colour—actually makes your eyes look smaller. Plus, you’re more likely to end up with under-eye smudges. If you want to define your lower lashline, use a light pencil or, for an even more subtle look, a light brown or taupe eye shadow. Try Phoenix Powderliner in “Chocolate”, “Tornado” or Phoenix Eyeshadow in “Java”.

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